Photo Galleries

Yes, we have pictures!

Browse our galleries below and see if you can find yourself... if you can't, hang in there, we'll take more pictures as the weeks go by. Because of the time and money needed to go into a custom blog for our site, we've decided against that... but if you have pictures to share, just email them to Bob or Ann and if you don't know how to do that, just email Ann and she will give you easy to understand... ha ha ha ... instructions!

Click here to email Chris with your pictures. Just attach!

In Memorium

Remembering those wonderful bridge players and friends we've lost.

A certain WEDDING day

Well yeah. Of course. Bob and Ann get married at Bridge.

A very nice new dining experience in the area...

The Band has put together a beautiful view and a wow menu... add to that a micro brewery! You're gonna love it!

Our First Day At The NEW PLACE...

That says it all... our first day came out very well... had 13.5 tables and lots of happy folks... PLUS a happy Director!